7 Triangle 7 Cattle Co., LLC

Custom Breeding Services

Harold, Cheryl, and Mark have had several 100% A.I. calf crops at home and have filled the "gap" numerous times for overbooked reps in Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah and Colorado and have organized and consulted for numerous breeding projects for representatives and customers in varied environments across the U.S.

With Harold's thousands of breeding services and thousands of "checks" on students, there aren't many surprises in the breeding barn any longer. The Large's portable breeding barn allows quiet, convenient, controlled environment breeding at each producer's location.

Probably the greatest asset the 7 Triangle 7 crew brings to producers is the ability to customize breeding projects based on recollections of hundreds of previous projects with great and not-so-great results. 2007 breeding projects have taken the Millers into 6 states, TN, TX, NE, KS, WY, CO.

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